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About Us

Tucked away in South London, Cart-Care specializes in e-commerce solutions. We combine technical expertise and strategic principles to take companies to the next level. We have a simple aim of bringing positive results to all our client's businesses.  


We are Transparent

The firm believes in transparency being vital to having quality communication between our clients and our team.


We Welcome Change

In the fast-moving world of e-commerce, it is a dangerous place to be narrow-minded. It is clear to see that the only constant changes, therefore we always embrace new ways of thinking and constantly challenge the status quo.


We Get it Done

We are committed to developing Shopify websites that maximize the chances of success for our client’s business. We give 100% to seeing our clients succeed in their industry.


We Care

We go above and beyond for all our clients. We do not just label ourselves as web developers and designers, we will regularly challenge requirements and provide recommendations to our clients as e-commerce consultants.

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My Story

Cart Care's Director, Jordan Brown, has worked within IT since 2016, where he began working on web applications in the financial services industry. Around this time Jordan became intrigued with

e-commerce websites and discovered a passion for helping

e-commerce stores find success.

He began freelancing as a Web developer/e-commerce consultant and quickly built family tight relationships with his clients. As things progressed Jordan began to take on more work and started hiring highly skilled designers and developers to assist with the workload, and this led to the founding of Cart-Care.

Jordan expressed his vision for Cart-Care as, “Cart-Care’s main aim is to become a well trusted and household name within the global e-commerce industry. We will do this by continuing to go above and beyond for all of our clients"


"Our focus is always on listening to our client's needs and 

adding value to their business by increasing profitability". 

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